Customer Reviews

“Biran and crew are very courteous and delivered the expected services in the time promised. He explained the next recommended service and reasons for such work, without pressure. I was able to schedule the work easily to meet my schedule.” – Anon A.

“Friendly, professional excellent service. I will be back.” – Jerry J.

“My relatively new battery was running down and had to be charged to start the car. Schwab felt there was a power drain that was excessive. After BAE checked it out they explained that all was normal, but once a week it is really important to drive for at least an hour to fully charge the battery. Car had been not driven enough to fully charge battery. BAE was very thorough and appropriate in the charge for the service.” – Gary C.

“Excellent service, I dropped off my car that had an electrical problem, two other local shops couldn’t figure out. They were able to diagnose and repair the car same day. Very impressed with the young man at the counter and the technician that fixed my car.” – Anon A.

“I always feel well cared for….the result is a perfectly running vehicle!” – Fran E.

“Prompt and Professional.” – Tom C.

“These guys know there electrical if you have an electrical issue take it here” – Evan S.

“Good service, got us in quickly and thoroughly explained the issues and what they did to fix them.” – Anon A.

“They fixed my auto problem that Michael’s Toyota couldn’t do. They treated me nice not in a big hurry and most of all they explained what was needed to get my car running again…..If I need any repairs on my two cars I will take them to Bellevue Auto Service and Electric.” – Larry C.

“I was very impressed with your tech’s ability to find a very unusual condition in the electronics of my pick-up. Also I was pleased that Burin spent so much time dickering with my so-called warranty company, He spent at least 30 min. on hold and discussing my problem with them and finally cajoled them into paying half of the cost. I will definitely bring my (or my wife’s MB) back here for service.” – Nick M.

“Thorough, knowledgeable and reliable.” – Tom C.

“Job well done at a reasonable price. Nice work. It’s especially good to have someone answer the phone promptly.” – John S.

“My wiring issue was resolved to my satisfaction. I would recommend to a friend.” – Jim C.

“Gave me second opinion on dealer recommended service which I seriously questioned. Not all dealer recommendations were as serious, if at all, as indicated. Bellevue Auto did necessary and desireable work in satisfactory manner. This is my first experience with an independent auto service as this vehicle has always been serviced by dealer but I felt the dealer was reaching a bit too far for business that was not a required service. Incidentally,l the link to update current mileage does not appear to be working correctly this morning.” – Paul B.

“Got our car in the same day the power steering belt broke. Found out that air conditioner belt was also off. And they replaced the serpentine belt. So 3 new belts for $415. Got our car back the next day.” – Paul H.

“Great Service Fair pricing Great communication” – Donald B.

“My 2002 Toyota Highlander has never needed anything but oil changes until the check-engine-light came on recently. So I took it into BAE and they fixed that, plus I had them do an oil change and check other things out for a car with 88,000 niles on it. They found a few things that needed fixing, and now all is well. I trust them to do things right. I also take in our 4-Runner and Dodge Ram Diesel pickup fo service there. Been very satisfied with what they have done.” – Paul H.

“They were able to get me in when needed and quickly solved my problem.” – Anon A.

“A great experience. I just recently moved to Seattle, and when my maintenance light turned on, I was concerned I wasn’t going to be able to find a friendly, trustworthy, and reliable shop to help me. My boss recommended that I take my vehicle there to get serviced. I called, and set up an appointment for 8:00 am-the owner of the shop even gave me a ride to work! Overall, it was a great experience. I will be bringing my car back within the next month to get my spark plugs replaced!” – Kramer G.

“Great service. Very helpful and they always explain what is going on.” – Kathy K.

“My car was put in the shop when I got there and was finished in the time they had estimated. Nice waiting room.” Tom C.

“After having another repair shop try to fix my older Fold Bronco’s rear window motor wiring unsuccessfully, I was referred to Bellevue Auto Service & Electric by a local mechanic friend. I had the pleasure of working with Biran at Bellevue Auto Service & Electric, who was very helpful and in only one day my vehicle was ready to be picked up with a rear window that worked properly once again after a service technician bypassed the broken parts that were no longer available.” – Ben R.

“Great service.” – Kathy K.

“The vehicle runs like a new car! It is great to have a partner who shares my belief that it is cheaper to own ONE car for 15 years rather than THREE cars for 5 years each.” – Fran E.

“Always a good experience.” – Tom C.

“Bad battery – they fit me in at the last minute and were able to get my car finished in time for me to get to an important afternoon meeting. Great service.” – Anon A.

“Kept me up to date on progress. Treated me as intelligent consumer.” – Leslie N.


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